Country & City Travel Guide

GlobeMaster features tried information for travelers from Wikitravel offline. Travel guide database is updated with each new version of the application. For quicker and more efficient access all the countries and cities data is divided in categories.

Travel Alerts

Updated news about events that raise tourists' risks. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, coups, anniversaries of terrorist events, election-related demonstrations or violence, etc. If something unforeseen and potentially risky happens you will know about it even in case local media will pass them over in silence.

Live In Your Usual Co-ordinates

Simple and quick physical and geometrical units converter commonly used by travelers and students. 11 types of converters, 80+ units and 190+ currencies with exchange rates updated online and on-the-fly.

Tip Smart & Quickly

It's always best to tip appropriately in each and every situation with the country where tipping takes place taken into account. But often travelers end up tipping either insufficiently, or too generously. With GlobeMaster you will always make quick calculation of tips adequate for specifically your situation in 200+ countries.


You can add to favorites tips and converter presets you use most. GlobeMaster will can restore these preset you need - easily and anytime.