GlobeConvert app

The GlobeConvert app is a travel-friendly app that can easily convert up to 350 types of units, thanks to which you will not face any hassles during your trip. It is compatible with the android platform and offers you excellent features in multiple languages.

In your daily life, you might use different sorts of calculations and conversions. How about an app that is not only simple and versatile but also user-friendly to help you with all types of daily calculations within minutes? The Unit Converter app is your one-stop-solution for all your unit calculations and conversions. This is an app that has universal compatibility with all types of android devices.  With its interesting user-interface and amazing graphics, this app comes with the following features:

City & Country Travel Guide

This is the consolidated place where you can get all travel-related information from various places. These details are collated from WikiTravel. It works offline as well, and you can get updated travel information as and when you update the app. Navigating this feature is easy as the travel information is classified into various categories.

Travel Alerts

Before you visit a particular place, you can use this feature to know about all tourist alerts. Some important alerts that this feature will intimate you include natural calamities, terrorist attacks, coups, political instability and other violence-related matters. This feature covers those alerts that even the local media of those countries don’t reveal openly.

Exchange-rate conversions

Now, you don’t have to break your head mentally converting forex rates when you are on your trip. This app has over 11 types of converters, thanks to which you can convert over 80 units and 90 foreign currencies with updated exchange rates.

Information on tipping

When you are in a foreign country, you may get confused about how much to tip. The Globemaster app will give you the latest information about the tipping rates that are prevalent in over 200 countries; therefore, you will not face any embarrassing situations.

Set as favorites

You can now set your frequently-used presets as favorites. These presets can be edited as and when you want, as per your convenience.

So what are you waiting for? Download this useful tool right now to make calculations fun, quick and exciting!