Instagram Downloader: Save IG Video, Story, Highlights & Photos

How to download reels, photos, and videos of instagram

Download videos, stories, photos, reels, IGTV and profile photos from Instagram account.

Are you looking to download all types of content from Instagram freely onto your PC or device? It is time for you to try the GlobeFamilyApps website, a free Instagram downloader, right now. Thanks to this site, you can download videos, photos, profile pictures, insta stories and insta reels for free. Copy the link of the content you want to download and paste it into this site’s box. You can then freely download the content on your Android, iOS phones or PC, without any hassles.

How to download reels, photos, and videos of instagram

Which devices can you use for downloading via the in-built Downloader?

Instagram video download can be easily done with the help of GlobeFamilyApps Insta Saver. You can download all the attractive videos from Instagram with the use of this site on your Android and Apple phones, PCs, and laptops. You can access GlobeFamilyApps Insta Saver to any gadget working on any operating system across the world. It does not occupy ant space, so make sure your gadget has enough memory for other applications. All kinds of systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOs are suitable for downloading this online app on your laptop.

Instagram Video Downloader Online

If you are wondering how to download a video from Instagram, you can use our website to download all mp4 videos for free, without any lags. Copy the link of your favorite Instagram content and paste it inside the box that you see on our site to download everything you want.

Free Instagram Story Downloader

Do you like a particular Instagram story that you would want to download? Don’t worry; we have made it very simple for you. Copy or highlight the story’s link and paste the same on the box on our site. Now, using our special feature, you can download or highlight the Instagram Story, without installing any app.

How to download Instagram Reels?

The process for downloading Instagram Reels is similar to that of downloading pictures, videos and stories. All you have to do is copy the reel’s link that you like and paste it into our site’s box.

Downloading Instagram Reels for each device – Details as follows:

Steps to download any content from Instagram

Step 1

Open the Instagram account from where you want to download the video, photo posts, reels, profile photos or IGTV video.

Step 2

If you are using Instagram for iPhone, you need to click on the (⋯) on the top of our website and enter the link of your chosen Instagram content.

The process is same for Android phones, but you need to click on the (⋮) option and then select the option, “Copy Link.”

Step 3

Now open the website of Instagram Free Downloader. You will find a box on this site of ours. You can now paste the details of your favourite Instagram content into this box.

Step 4

You can now download the video, Instagram Story or Instagram Reel by choosing the download button on our website. The download will get automatically saved in your gallery if you have an Android Phone or in your Safari download, if you have an iPhone.

Why You Should Use Instagram Downloader?

Download for free – Thanks to our website, you can download and save any Instagram content that you want at no cost at all.

Anonymous Download – For downloading your preferred content, you don’t have to sign in with your Instagram account or type any private chats on our website. We value your privacy.

Story Download – You can save and download Instagram stories in high quality in real quick time.

Instagram Video and Photo Download – We let you download photos and videos in HD quality onto your phones, PCs and other gadgets.

Private Account download – You can now access content from any Private Instagram account and save it on your phone.

Reel Download – We help you download and save all Instagram reels directly on your system or phones.

Safe downloads guaranteed – We don’t have a record of the links of your favourite content that you paste on our site. So, your information is extremely safe with us.

FAQs on Free Instagram Video, Reels, Photos Downloader

Is it free to download Instagram videos on GlobeFamilyApps Downloader?

Yes, you can use the GlobeFamilyApps Downloader website for free to download photos, videos, stories and reels of your choice.

Apart from video content, can I save other files on this site?

Yes, with GlobeFamilyApps, you can save all types of content like images, IGTV, stories, reels, etc. The process of copying the link and pasting the same on the site is the same for all these types of files.

Should I login to my Instagram account to download the content?

No, you don’t have to log in to your Instagram account to download any content on our website. We don’t ask for your personal information; therefore, all downloads that you do can be done anonymously.

Can I download content from private Instagram accounts?

Yes, you can access content like images, videos, stories and reels from private Instagram accounts.

Is it possible to save Instagram stories?

Yes, you can download Instagram stories or any other content from our website. You only need to click on the options accordingly for iPhones and Android phones.

Is it possible to copy Instagram bio?

Yes, all you need to do is paste the link the Instagram bio that you want and paste the link on our site to copy the bio you want.

What is the process of saving Instagram reels?

It is the same as downloading all Instagram content. Copy the link of the Instagram reel that you want and paste it on our site. Now, you can download that reel and save it on your smartphones, gadgets and PCs/

Is it suitable to download Insta for PC from the website?

Yes, it is possible to download images, videos, stories, reels and other content from Instagram and paste it on our site to get whatever you want to be downloaded on your PC. You can save the information at a suitable location, so that you can access it whenever you want.

Can you download Instagram for Android?

Copy the link of the content and paste it on our website to get what you want. For more information, you can view Download from Insta on Android.

Can I save Insta videos to your iPhone?

Yes, you can save photos, videos, reels, stories and private content that you want by copying the link and pasting it in the box on our site. Click on Insta Videos on iPhone for more information.

Is Instagram Downloader a legal website?

Yes, Instagram Downloader is a 100% legal website to download any type of Instagram content for free on your phones, PCs and other gadgets. We don’t ask you for your login information at the time of downloading. You can download and save your favorite Instagram content, but make sure it is for your personal use only. If you want to publish this elsewhere, you should get permission from the rightful owner.

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